A Study on Digital Transformation of Hangzhou Garden Company

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A. K. Mahbubul Hye
Md Rayhan Uddin
Md. Mamun Habib


Hangzhou Garden Company is well known in the landscaping industry in China, and its business is in the real estate industry nationwide. However, the company is currently facing challenges due to the regulatory situation in the real estate market of the supply chain, so there is an urgent need for strategic transformation. This study explores strategic transformation in Hangzhou Garden Company through a comprehensive approach including literature review, case study, questionnaire survey and interviews. The assessment includes the internal and external environment of the company. Through surveys and interviews, the study identifies the company’s strengths and weaknesses in business development, product diversity, technological research and development. Furthermore, external environmental analysis examines market opportunities and threats considering policy changes, market demand and industry trends. Based on these findings, the evaluation uses tools such as SWOT analysis and IE matrix combined with insights from questionnaire analysis to formulate strategic directions. A strategic transformation plan is then developed that outlines the steps required for business structure planning, business layout planning, operational and management system planning, and digital transformation planning. This approach ensures that digital transformation is aligned with the strategic growth needs of the company. Overall, through a comprehensive SOWT analysis, this study provides a strategic roadmap for aligning digital transformation with the company's growth needs and ensuring its competitive edge and sustainable growth in China's real estate and landscaping industry.

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