Enhancing Chittagong Port: Fostering a Future-Ready Supply Chain

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Ikram Hasan
Md. Mamun Habib


An essential lifeline to Bangladesh's robust economy, Chittagong Port in Bangladesh, was the subject of an insightful visit in May 2023. An expert team comprising three academicians (professors) and two industry experts from the Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association (BAFFA) embarked on an explorative journey to understand the heart of the nation's supply chain and examine the intricate operations that make this port an economic powerhouse. Key functions like cargo handling, container operations, vessel loading and unloading, ship navigation, radar, and speed log were meticulously assessed for their complex contribution to both local and global trade dynamics. A comprehensive inspection of these operations showcased their importance in the seamless flow of goods, which establishes the port as the backbone of Bangladesh's trade ecosystem. It was previously identified the port as a critical logistical hub in the region.

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