A Unified Approach to Sustainable Hospital Supply Chain Management in the Post-Pandemic Era

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Gazi Md Nurul Islam


Sustainable Hospital Supply Chain Management (SHSCM) has become crucial in the post-pandemic era, balancing economic, environmental, and social dimensions of healthcare. This paper proposes an integrated approach to SHSCM, combining four core elements, particularly Hospital Infrastructure Development (HID), Collaboration and Information Flow (CIF), Forecasting and Planning Management (FPM), and Technology Supply Chain Application (TSCA). This approach addresses the complexities and challenges in healthcare supply chains, promoting resilience, efficiency, and sustainability. The authors present potential applications from two different healthcare systems scenarios to demonstrate the application and effectiveness of the proposed approach. The findings of this study suggest that the integration of HID, CIF, FPM, and TSCA provides a comprehensive and systematic way to enhance SHSCM, with implications for research and practice in this important field.

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