The Supply Chain of Reproductive Biotechnology Increases the Chances of Successfully Conceiving in Women

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Taylor Williams
Rheygan Reed
Felicia Jefferson


Reproductive biotechnology has changed the way the world repopulates. Those who have been diagnosed as infertile have opportunities through reproductive technology to have a child. Invitro fertilization has been marked as one of the most sufficient assisted reproductive technologies. Many infertile couples seek this treatment to increase their chances of conceiving. With any treatment comes the possibility of poor outcomes. This paper is to explore the factors that can alter the success rate of in-vitro fertilization. With conception women already have challenging times, with reproductive technology it gives women an option to have a better success rate of conception. Elective oocyte freezing, fertility preservation, and preimplantation genetic screening of embryos to stop transmission of severe genetic abnormalities are further justifications for using assisted reproductive technology. With recent studies, it is shown that with assisted reproductive technology is constantly advancing with new methods to ensure that women are able to have a high success rate with their conception. It is shown throughout this review, that reproductive technology has advanced, and will be an option to women to have a high success rate with conceiving.

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