Technology-Driven Supply Chain Management in Readymade Garments: A Literature Review

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Ziarat H. Khan
Gazi Md. Nurul Islam
Md. Mamun Habib


This paper provides a literature review on the use of technology in supply chain management in the ready-made garment industry. The paper lists many technologies that might change the apparel industry's supply chain, including CAD, CAM, RFID, NFC, IoT, blockchain, and AI. The assessment focuses on the advantages of utilizing technology in the supply chain, including enhanced efficiency, lower costs, and more transparency. The difficulties in implementing new technology and the necessity of adequately integrating people, processes, and technology are also emphasized. The review highlights how crucial supplier collaboration is to the success of technology-driven supply chain management. The study suggests adopting technology-driven supply chain management may significantly boost supply chain performance. It has become a crucial part of the ready-made garments sector.

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