A Research View of Quiet Quitting for Gig Faculty in Academic Faculty Positions: Part 3 of 3

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Thomas A.
Prater E.
Erick Jones
Whiteside M.
Reyes P.


Journals and credible news organizations such as the Chronicles of Higher Education has explored the dissatisfaction of tenured lined faculty for several years with topics that include tenure and the arrival fallacy [3], Dissatisfaction of Associate Professors [2] and professors leaving academe [4]. The challenge of the Gig Academe and the Pandemic may also provide additional challenges that influence this phenomena. The Gig Academe as subset of the Gig Economy where many younger adults are choosing personal life activities over commitment to institutions. The timely discussion of quiet quitting [5] which is characterized this research as negative turnover, or an incident where a non-productive employee does not quit and may quietly creating a non-productive environment. This multi-year research project that yielded a dissertation provides a substantial study on faculty burnout, job satisfaction and its impacts by field, gender and Promotion and tenure level adds to the field and insights to this important discussion. This research is presented in 3 parts. This 2nd installment details the questionnaire development and model development for faculty at all levels.

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