Agri-Food Supply Chain (ASC) in Bangladesh: A Linear Physical Flow

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Ikram Hasan
Md. Mamun Habib


Bangladesh Agri-Food Supply Chain (ASC) relies on complex intermediaries. Farmer-to-consumer intermediaries Previous research on the Bangladesh food supply chain shown that several intermediaries profit from the consumer price. Primary distribution has five intermediaries shown in the figure. Faria sold little amounts of merchandise in three or four local markets. They offer farmer items to the Beparies. Landless laborers or small farmers without full- time farm occupations are frequent. Capital constraints limit their business volume. Beparies are specialist merchants who buy agricultural items from farmers or farias at the market or hamlet. Faria produced less. Bepary sells to Aratdar. Aratdar provides storage spaces between Bepari and shops for a predetermined commission. Retailers complete marketing channels. They offer things from Beparis via Aratdar. According to the comparison, ASC in Bangladesh flows linearly.

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