Utilizing Unmanned Land and Air Vehicles Based AI to Mitigate Climate and Cascading Hazards from Critical Minerals Mining on Communities of Color

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Felicia Jefferson
Erick Jones


Understanding and planning for equitable community infrastructures resilience that mitigate natural and man-made hazards can support a net circular world in a meaningful way. Emerging technologies such as AI algorithms from information captured from unmanned land and air vehicles through sensors, RFID, and barcodes about geographical topology and land will be crucial for a green mining supply chain for rare elements such as lithium. Tech like blockchains which will capture this information will be utilized to confirm green transactions for companies that are dedicated to ESG investments.

The Resilient America Program of the National Academies convened two committees to address the human and financial toll of disasters caused by natural hazards and other large-scale emergencies. The committee selected two largescale themes Equitable and Resilient Infrastructure Investments, and Compounding and Cascading Events. The Equitable and Resilient Infrastructure Investments theme yielded research topics for hazard mitigation and resilience - 1. Partnerships for equitable infrastructure development, 2. Systemic change toward resilient and equitable infrastructure investment, and 3. Innovations in finance and financial analysis. As we seek to understand the challenges of natural disasters like the hurricane IAN had on the East Coast and in Puerto Rico, we must also consider cascading factors such as how mining for rare earth elements can be a cascading factor on communities of color which often are located in areas that are both negatively impacted by natural hazards and man-made activities. Emerging technologies in relationship with existing technologies such as AI, unmanned land and air vehicles, and ultrasonic and infrared sensors can be used to inform, connect, and make plans that mitigate these challenges. Integrating these emerging technologies will go to support green mining or rare earth materials, recycling efforts, and building stronger infrastructures for reportable water, fires, and earthquakes. Technologies can support the investing in ESG technologies that allow for net neutral green supply chain mining, manufacturing, and transportation that will create the next generation of jobs.

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