Material Analysis of the RFID Tag Isolator for Increasing the Tag Performance

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Erick Jones
Gohar Azeem
Omkar R. Tiwari
Tushar Kale
Prathamesh Diwadkar


Passive UHF RFID systems have drawn considerable attention due to their long-read range, high data rates and small antenna sizes. However, it is difficult to tag metallic objects using passive UHF RFID tag due, for example, to the impact of reflected signal from the conducting material on the tag antenna performance. The overall reliability of an RFID system depends significantly on the tag antenna performance which is responsible for receiving and transmitting the RF power to and from the RFID reader. Designing an RFID tag which can be mounted successfully on metallic objects and meet the end-user requirements is a major research challenge. The aim in this paper is to compare the performance of a range of RFID tag substrates that can be used to isolate RFID tag antenna from metallic objects. The goal is to determine which substrate material allow RFID tags to operate efficiently when attached to a metallic carrier.

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