AI Based Remotely monitoring Web User Interface to capture patient temperature and medicine consumption

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Erick Jones
Amruthashree A Matadh
Gohar Azeem


he Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted the world like no other pandemic in history. COVID-19 has progressed rapidly affecting health care in the global community.

In this work, we look at the web user interface for elderly patients to easily keep track of their daily temperature and their pill consumption record and see if there is a need to visit a doctor. We are going to use Efficient Net, a Deep Learning Convolution Neural Network (CNN) architecture for systematical use of model scaling and balancing network depth, width, and resolution for better performance of our model. We are using angular components to develop user interface and expressJS to write backend services and MongoDB to store user records for the application which we learn in depth throughout the paper. we have trained and developed a model that could successfully detect people from the video and confirm the pill consumption by patient with high accuracy rate connected to a THT thermal camera. This study will help medical professionals, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, in remotely monitoring the patient’s dosage and determining appropriate action in case of non-compliance.

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