Understanding the man-machine IoT cyber secure interface with work measurement

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Erick Jones
Shah, H
Mate, K


Work Measurement is one of the most important aspects of modern- day processes. Work measurement is the analysis of a task to determine the time that should be allowed for a qualified worker to perform a particular assigned task. Performing effective work measurement enables management to compare alternate methods and also do initial staffing and capacity planning. Time is important because it equates to money. Engineering efficiency can quite directly be linked to the success of the business. Hence it becomes imperative to conduct proper work measurement to optimize the business processes. Traditionally time study has been conducted with the help of stopwatch and video-camera analysis.

Since those techniques contribute to additional utilization of workforce and waste in time, organizations now have evolving and leveraging the use of data acquired from sensors to enable work measurement over the conventional stop- watch technique. In this study, we present a RFID, wearables and how they can be leveraged to perform time studies and extract useful data. We will be considering the order picking activities in distribution center. The activities typically include lifting, moving, picking, putting, packing and other. The later part of this study emphasizes on the securing the data acquired from the IoT sensors with the help of Cyber security, Blockchain and Blockchain encryption.

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